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Delete a dump

The dump delete command comes with 3 different deleting strategies.

  1. Delete a dump by its name
  2. Delete dumps older than a specified number of days
  3. Keep only a maximum number of dumps

Delete by dump name

replibyte -c conf.yaml dump delete <DUMP_NAME>

This is the simplest strategy you can find.

The list of available dumps can be retrieved by running the following command:

replibyte -c conf.yaml dump list

type name size when compressed encrypted
PostgreSQL dump-1647706359405 154MB Yesterday at 03:00 am true true
PostgreSQL dump-1647731334517 152MB 2 days ago at 03:00 am true true
PostgreSQL dump-1647734369306 149MB 3 days ago at 03:00 am true true

Delete dumps older than 2 days

replibyte -c conf.yaml dump delete --older-than=2d

Only the day unit is supported for now, other units could come in the future.

Keep only the last 10 dumps

replibyte -c conf.yaml dump delete --keep-last=10