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If you are non-experienced in Rust, consider picking issues with label good first issue.

Local development

For local development, you will need to:

  1. Install Rust.
  2. Install Docker.
  3. Run docker compose -f ./docker-compose-dev.yml up to start the local databases. At the moment, docker-compose includes 2 PostgreSQL database instances, 2 MySQL instances, 2 MongoDB instances and a MinIO datastore. One source, one destination by database and one datastore. In the future, we will provide more options.

The Minio console is accessible at http://localhost:9001.

Once your Docker instances are running, you can run the RepliByte tests, to check if everything is configured correctly:

AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=minioadmin AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=minioadmin cargo test

To check that your development environment works well, you can run all the tests locally with:

cargo test --all

How to contribute

RepliByte is in its early stage of development and need some time to be usable in production. We need some help, and you are welcome to contribute. To better synchronize consider joining our #replibyte channel on our Discord. Otherwise, you can pick opened issues and contribute.

Where should I start?

Check opened issues.